Design Only
+  Ready in 7 business days
+  2 rounds of revisions
+  All design included
+  Delivered in unlocked PPT file
+  Up to 20 slides included
+  Additional work $200/hour
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Design + Content
+  Ready in 10 business days
+  2 rounds of revisions
+  Market research, copywriting, and design included
+  Up to 20 slides included
+  Additional work $200/hour
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+  24/7 support
+  Pitch strategy consulting
+  Bulk delivery

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Some questions, some answers

What makes BetterPitch different?

Most agencies are a group of designers that only understand design.

BetterPitch contains both designers and analysts.

Our analysts are experienced in copywriting, market research, and finance with decades of experience in closing complex deals.

Our designers are world class and work hand in hand with our analysts to make sure both your content and design is perfect.

We bridge the gap between content and design. Other agencies just understand design. You need both to close deals. That simple.

Shouldn't I just make my own pitch deck?

BetterPitch saves you time and makes you money.

Your time isn't best spent in PowerPoint at 2AM. Your time is more valuable than moonlighting as an analyst and designer when you're trying to close a deal. Your time is better spent talking to partners, tackling obstacles, and advancing your deal.

Let's face it, our pitch decks are higher converting than yours. We eat, sleep, and breath pitch decks. We've seen millions of slides and helped countless clients close deals. Our decks close deals faster and with more enthusiasm than the standard.

If you want to save time, get more sleep, focus on your deal and pitch with a higher conversion rate, choose BetterPitch.

How does this work?

1) Click 'Apply Now' to get started
2) We'll learn more about your deal and whether or not we're a fit
3) If we're a fit, we'll discuss your deal in detail over a call
4) We'll then send you an intake form and shared folder with a document request list customized to your deal
5) Once you submit the applicable files, we'll analyze them internally
6) After our internal review, we'll get on a call to discuss the submitted documents and any nuances
7) Our analysts will begin outlining your deck from a blank slide
8) Once the outline is complete, our designers will customize the deck according to your brand guidelines
9) After 5-7 business days, you'll receive the rough draft
10) We work with you through all revisions for 30 days

Why would you give out the unlocked PowerPoint file?

Our clients are more than welcome to use the template on future deals as all content is fully editable. You're able to mix and match slides to create different decks based on the end receiver.

Our goal is to be so valuable that our client sees BetterPitch as an extension to their long-term team.

Is our information confidential?

Yes, all engagements include an NDA for client protection. BetterPitch has stringent security measures and approaches confidentiality with the utmost seriousness.

What industries does BetterPitch work in?

BetterPitch is experienced in real estate, private equity, venture capital, and more.

Our analysts have decades of experience in institutional quality pitch deck content creation.

What size deals does BetterPitch work on?

BetterPitch has worked on individual deals as small as $1MM and as large as $500MM.

What are BetterPitch's best sellers?

Corporate overview & track record deck for fundraising

Fund raise deck

Deal by deal syndication deck

Sales deck

Investor report deck

Internal report deck

What if my pitch deck is more than 20 slides?

We bill $200/hr for additional work!

What's the difference between Design Only and Design & Content?

Design Only is limited to just design. This requires you to have all of your content in the pitch deck ready to be redesigned.

Design & Content includes all market research, copywriting, and design. We outline and customize your deck from a blank slide.

If you don't have an existing pitch deck, Design & Content is the package best fit for you.

What if I'm unhappy with the pitch deck?

This is rare, but if you're not satisfied - you get unlimited revisions. We'll keep working with you until you love your pitch deck.

Who will I be working with?

You'll have direct email and phone access to a dedicated project manager and analyst to answer any questions.

I have a referral!

Send them our way and we'll create you a complimentary one-pager on anything deal you'd like!

Do you offer a free sample?

We will create you a one-page in exchange for a public promotion on LinkedIn or Twitter/X.

I have more questions :(

Click 'Apply Now' and let's get them answered!

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