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See how our team will save yours countless hours

See how our team will save yours countless hours


Learn how we can help your create a better pitch

Learn how we can help your create a better pitch


Get a custom marketing gameplan

Get a custom marketing gameplan

Our clients rate us 96/100

Our clients rate us 96/100

Our clients rate us 96/100

Read about our recent success stories.

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Read about our recent success stories.

BetterPitch did a fantastic job pulling together a deck on an unusual listing. The end product was amazing.

Heidi Moore, NAI Global

I'd highly recommend BetterPitch. The team did a great job with formatting.

Ryan Cohen, Peerless Capital

Great advice, timely response and tremendous client service!

Scott Morse, Citadel Property Company

BetterPitch offers a great service. Highly recommend it.

Andrew Shavrin, RYBAK Development

BetterPitch was a great resource for us to be able to present a professional and informative deck for our new fund.

Stoic Equity Partners

When we started working with BetterPitch, we knew right away that this was the correct group. We had tried other services, but for the 1st time, we have a presentation that we love.

Monro Capital, Inc.

BetterPitch assembled a sharp, visually appealing deck on a tight timeline. No nonsense and highly responsive, with a very professional approach to edits and solid communication.

North Cambridge Partners

We had a great experience working with the BetterPitch team. They delivered -- quick turnaround, good quality product, took feedback well and actually needed minimal direction.

The Swig Company

Niko and his team communicated well and delivered a high quality finished product. Our firm will continue to use them in the future.

Craigmont Capital

BetterPitch produced a high quality and professional pitch deck in just a few days, and were prompt and diligent throughout the revision process. We are excited to share our deck with investors and recommend their services to others!

Greatwater Opportunity Capital

BetterPitch was a pleasure to work with. From engagement to final draft was seamless. Revisions were turned quickly and the data they pulled was exactly what we were looking for.

Fisher Wells, Bridger Development

Excellence all-around from the BetterPitch team - communication, punctuality, the final product - all superb. We look forward to the next one and will be spreading the word on BetterPitch. Keep it up!

Doug Fraser, 37th Parallel Properties

I sincerely enjoyed working with the BetterPitch team on my presentation. We started with a very unconventional approach of taking a lengthy research paper and turning it into an outstanding presentation. I would recommend BetterPitch to anyone looking for help as they are extremely easy to work with and meet every single one of their deadlines. 10/10 experience.

Buck Armstrong, Wilson Field Communities

We found BetterPitch to be a great solution for professional deck presentation preparation when compared to insourcing or outsourcing non-CRE fluent marketing agencies. Faster, Professional, Quick Understanding of the Story. Thank you BetterPitch!

Gardner Peavy, SageView Partners

BetterPitch gave us a real jumpstart on our design and content. It helped us get our first pooled fund OM completed fast and looking really high quality. The team also did some custom and quick turnaround for us for an educational presentation for prospective investors.

Greg Fedorinchik, NexMetro Communities

BetterPitch allowed me to focus on what I do best, develop land and build houses. I found a deal for 8 quad plexes that I needed construction financing for. BetterPitch created a deck that successfully portrayed my vision for the project and this deck was a key reason I was able to receive financing for this project.

Cooper Conger, NewPad Building Company

BetterPitch was extremely professional and kept us in the loop as each step progressed. If we had an issue he would step up and get it handled ASAP. Would highly recommend BetterPitch.

Alex Staten, Majestic Developers

Better Pitch can boil an investment idea down to its most compelling part and share it in a way that investors understand. Better Pitch knows how to create a call to action and pull all of the information together in a beautiful way.

Jake Wurzak, Dovehill Properties

We've used BetterPitch now twice and never again will I try and fumble around with pitches myself. They provide amazingly researched and designed pitch decks that are ready to go! Highly recommended!

Brad Cartier, Blair Capital

We had a great experience working with the BetterPitch team. They delivered -- quick turnaround, good quality product, took feedback well and actually needed minimal direction. They accomplished a lot in a short period of time and with a great attitude despite a few turns. I would gladly recommend them and plan to use them again and again.

Swig Company

BetterPitch possessed great communication with a generous flexibility on project timeline.

John Morton, 35 South Capital

Working with BetterPitch was an easy process and the team was very responsive!

Nick Boehm, D'Agostino Companies

Niko and his team made my greatest fear about raising capital on my first deal a breeze. Their natural creative ability and patience with our indecisiveness will have us coming back every time.

Murray Gray, Fourth Capital

Niko and his team at BetterPitch are amazing. Think of them as an extension of your internal team. They are extremely responsive and went above and beyond to create an incredible deck for us. 5 out of 5 stars.

Daniel Passov, Crown Equities

BetterPitch has been a great resource for all of our offering memorandums. Their industry knowledge, copywriting, and design capabilities make working with them a hands off process.

Rich Young, Jr., Rich Young Company

BetterPitch delivered a great product for our development. The charts they created helped drive home the key points of the project and the graphics were clean and professional. We would highly recommend them!

Graham Carter, Cordova Dev

BetterPitch was awesome to work with. The work was professional, sharp, relevant and had a super quick turnaround. BetterPitch understood the nuances of our industry and knew how to create the perfect investment deck. Highly recommend!

Winstar Properties

I cannot speak highly enough about the quality of work and service that the BetterPitch team produced. Not only did they deliver on my vision and goals with the pitch book, but they brought their own unique perspective and research to bear. We are much better for it.

TEKMAK Development

Short on time due to softening market conditions requiring more analysis, I was referred to BetterPitch. Shortly after sharing information on this deal, I had a deck in no time (branded to our organization) and the result was astonishing. Not only did we receive full equity commitments in less than 5 hours but I also received the same feedback from the different investment groups: “The pitch sold us” or “can you help us with our presentations?” Needless to say, ARC will rely on BetterPitch for many years to come.

Tim Crisman, ARC Multifamily

We worked with BetterPitch to create Investors slide deck for the mixed use, entertainment and sports development project. The BetterPitch team was very professional, creative and responsive during the whole process. They helped us create a 35+ slides document that required attention to details and multiple iterations due to the complexity of the project. I would highly recommend BetterPitch for creating Investors slide deck and fancy presentations for your projects.

Rajaneesh Shresta, R3S

After several unsuccessful attempts at creating our own pitch deck, we realized we needed professional help. We were looking for a company that could deliver not only stunning designs but also decks with a proven track record of raising capital. As a team, we had put in the hard work of building out our beta product, launching, and securing early paying customers. The last thing we wanted was for investors to overlook our efforts due to an amateur-looking deck. Better Pitch was the clear choice for us. Their expertise and experience in crafting compelling pitch decks were evident from the start. The result was a visually impressive and persuasive deck that showcased our company's potential. Every investor we've shown it to has been thoroughly impressed, and it played a crucial role in helping us successfully raise our seed round.

Alex Chubenko, Dispatch Robot AI